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Hilltops IT Employees

Serving Our Employees

Our People are our Strength

Hilltops IT operates in a fast paced, energetic, dynamic environment that employs people with strategic and innovative ideas. We pride ourselves on our ability to look after a diverse, well-educated workforce.

We believe that our people are our strength. Their knowledge, commitment and talents drive our success. One of the greatest things about working for Hilltops IT is our people-focused culture. We want people who have transferred over to us to have a truly positive, pleasant and worthwhile experience.

Promoting Exceptional Client Service

It is our belief that exceptional client service can only be delivered by exceptional and motivated people - people who listen and are open to new ideas. It is recognised that it is our people who make us a success with our clients. The quality, enthusiasm and commitment of all of our people are the cornerstones of our current and future success.

At Hilltops IT, you will find people with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds. People with diverse educational backgrounds, work experiences and personal interests thrive in our business because they are all united by something unique - a drive, a passion, a focus on personal development, a commitment to being part of a team and an appreciation that one can make a difference.

Employing the Best to Provide the Best Possible Service

When we talk about employing the best and the brightest, we're talking about people who thrive on the excitement of teamwork and the discovery of new opportunities. They like setting their own goals and working hard to achieve results that matter.

Our people apply their talents in many positions, from sales and marketing to technical design and progromming, to support and consulting.

Inspiring Commitment with a Clear, Solid Career Path

At the heart of our approach is our management strategy which is designed to ensure that we continue to have the people and expertise we need to face today's challenges and those ahead. It recognises that a good business foundation depends on good people and that good people must have a clear career path.

We grow as a company by growing our people. This insight is behind all our efforts to keep our people fulfilled and committed.

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