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Hilltops IT Testimonials


"Thanks again... you’ve been so easy to work with which is a breath of fresh air these days"
Following QuoteWerks Consultancy & Development, Nov 2018
“I want to thank you for the help you have provided over the years that I was at [Company] and the things that we have accomplished. You have provided quality service and good communication in my opinion, keep up the good work!”
Following ACT! & QuoteWerks Consultancy, Training & Support, Jul 2018
"Thanks, you're always so helpful with a comprehensive, yet easy to understand explanation, which makes it very easy for me to communicate to the customer."
Following ConnectIt Reseller Meeting, Jan 2018
"Many thanks for today’s demonstrations of QuoteWerks and ACT which we all found to be very professional and informative. In fact, when compared to some of the others we have seen, your communication and presentation skills were unsurpassed so my congratulations."
Following QuoteWerks & ACT! Demonstration, Feb 2017
"Many thanks for the help and support you gave us last week. I feel well-equipped to develop the quotation system the way we need it to go."
Following QuoteWerks Consultancy & Training, Jan 2017
“We implemented the Validation aspect of Workflow last week. It’s been a revelation. We have now configured 43 different rules and we now have the confidence that all our fields (both internal/client facing) are being completed. This means we can now produce reports that, before Workflow, would have been incomplete.”
Following ConnectIt-Workflow implementation, Sep 2016
"I have been using the system for the last 3 days and I have to say it is very good indeed and saves a lot of time."
Following QuoteWerks Add-On Development, Jun 2016
"There's really no need to explain it to me - it all looks so logical and intuitive. It's exactly what we asked for plus you've delivered earlier than we'd hoped. I can't thank you enough!"
Following QuoteWerks Add-On Development, Apr 2016
"My QuoteWerks is synced and working and all appears ok so many many thanks for your efforts and help, it is a real bonus to have had my issues sorted in such a pleasant and friendly manner."
Following QuoteWerks Support, Apr 2016
"With the fees that I pay my bookkeeper / accountant for simple data entry tasks, ConnectIt-Sage50 has paid for itself in one week!"
Following ConnectIt-Sage50 implementation, Feb 2016
"Quick note to say thank you for your work yesterday. It was a really useful day and we've got a lot out of it. The team have been really positive about it."
Following QuoteWerks Consultancy & Training, Jan 2016
"It was great to see you again & everyone was very appreciative of the clear and professional way you carried out the ACT training."
Following ACT! training, Oct 2015
"Excellent! That is really clever. Thanks for that! I will have to bring this up with my team."
Following QuoteWerks Reporting services, Sep 2015
"Many thanks for the quick turn around on this, it is very much appreciated. The amount of use the tool is getting is great and it has really cut down on a lot of data entry for our admin team."
Following QuoteWerks / Microsoft CRM integration, May 2015
"Perfect! Thank you so much, this is perfect. I really appreciate your help with this – you have saved me so much time sifting through all the quotes manually!"
Following QuoteWerks Support & Reporting services, Nov 2014
"Many thanks for all your hard work on the system today! Great working with such a proactive company."
Following QuoteWerks Support, Oct 2014
"What I ike about you and the Hilltops team in that you never say 'no'. You are always able to provide us with a solution."
Following ACT! bespoke development services, Mar 2014
"Thank you very very much for all your help. I never got to say goodbye and thank you for a fantastic job here. I’ve honestly not been this excited about software before for work, feels weird and I feel like a geek!"
Following QuoteWerks implementation and training, Jan 2014
"Your QuoteWerks support service is legendary!!! Thanks for your prompt action today on the issue, it really is very much appreciated"
Following QuoteWerks Support, Nov 2013
"Thanks! Your example layout file clearly explained how to filter for the line type and apply formatting to specific lines. This will do exactly what we want."
Following QuoteWerks Layout Consultancy, Sep 2013
"Many thanks for your help. I’m starting to get my head around ConnectIt and have made quite a few updates and changes to the system, we’re really pleased with the results!"
Following ConnectIt-Sage50 installation and training, Aug 2013
"Thanks very much for your time yesterday, everyone found it very helpful."
Following QuoteWerks refresher training, Aug 2013
"Well done and thank you for turning this around so quickly"
Following ConnectIt Upgrade Services, Aug 2013
"Thanks for the working demo earlier today it was really useful and although I'm sure a few questions will come up I'm confident its going to be great."
Following QuoteWerks implementation, development and training, Jun 2013
"[Your consultant] was excellent. During the scoping exercise they meticulously understood our requirements, explained our options and clarified how QuoteWerks will be set up to work for our business. We are very happy with the help and support Hilltops IT have provided during our decision-making process and look forward to working with you long into the future."
Following QuoteWerks Scoping Exercise, May 2013
"Thanks to Hilltops IT for their technical support on QuoteWerks yesterday. Very knowledgeable and down time kept to a minimum. Top supplier."
Following QuoteWerks Upgrade Services, Apr 2013
"I am sorry I missed you last week, I would just like to thank you for your assistance last week. I have only heard glowing reports about your visit and how helpful you have been to all of the sales / operations and finance team. It is a 180 degree reverse experience from our previous QuoteWerks supplier and I am very pleased we have now moved to Hilltops IT. Once again thank you for your assistance and I am looking forward to a long and happy relationship with your company."
Following QuoteWerks consultancy and training, Feb 2013
"A business associate recommended to ask you about this matter because you are a great expert regarding the QuoteWerks, Sage ACT! and integration solutions"
Initial enquiry, Nov 2012
"That's the best 1hr11mins I've ever paid for and the product is fantastic! It fills the gaps in QuoteWerks we need. Thanks!"
Following ConnectIt-Worfklow implementation, Nov 2012
"Thank you sooo much for your assistance at short notice this morning. It is greatly appreciated."
Following QuoteWerks Support, Nov 2012
"I just wanted to thank you again for all your excellent work and effort yesterday. The new sales team are up and running on the new software with great confidence."
Following ACT! implementation and training, Sep 2012
"I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the [report revisions], we sent the latest version this week and I have had the best response ever and Customers asking the right questions off the back of it so it was totally worth it!!"
Following bespoke development, Jul 2012
"You are true professionals! Thanks for the help and services - all handled perfectly."
Following bespoke development, May 2012
"I would like to say thanks for all your help. The system is going to dramatically improve our company and how we run, helping us to grow."
Following bespoke development and ACT! integration, Apr 2012
"I just wanted to thank you again for the great day yesterday. The work we did on the QuoteWerks software was really useful and it was great to finally sort out that pesky 1cent!! The personal service and tailoring the day to our needs was excellent."
Following QuoteWerks consultancy and training, Mar 2012
"Many thanks. Your efforts on this implementation have been much appreciated. If X (or any other customer for that matter) needs any further QuoteWerks work then we'll be sure to call you."
Following QuoteWerks implementation and training, Nov 2010
"We're all very happy with the QuoteWerks system you implemented and trained. All anyone can talk about is how much time it saves!"
Following QuoteWerks implementation and training, Oct 2010
"I've had excellent support and service from Steve and his team today recovering my systems after a major crash!"
Following QuoteWerks (and Goldmine) online support, Oct 2010
"Keep up the great work! It's so useful having your QuoteWerks support to backup the training."
Following QuoteWerks implementation, training and support, Aug 2010
[Hilltops IT] turns technical jargon into English which for me is very helpful. They understand our requirements and deliver. They are always cheerful, professional and take the hard work out of doing anything software related.
Following various projects (ACT!, QW, ConnectIT), Aug 2010
"Thank you [Hilltops IT]. You have met all my objectives for the day and more. I can't believe how much we've achieved in just one day."
Following QuoteWerks onsite consultancy, May 2010
"I just called to say that I am 'over the moon' with your company. What you showed my in 1 hours online support training has saved me a weeks worth of work. THANKS!"
Following QuoteWerks online support training, Apr 2010
“Your 'whizzy' skills have changed me from depression to elation in the space of one ‘phone call. Thank you!!!”
Following data cleansing services, Mar 2010
“I was a little skeptical about ACT! not really believing it could be customized to fit my business and thinking that the cost and time involved in getting it to do so would far outweigh any benefits, but your one-day training workshop has enlightened me and I am now convinced ACT! will work well for us and can’t wait to get started with it”
Following ACT! by Sage training, Jan 2010
“On behalf of the company I thank you for such a smooth implementation, we are at a very busy period in our calendar, but you did a great job in working around us and seems that a lot was achieved in 2 productive days! We will now start to use the software and I am sure we will immediately feel the benefits.”
Following consultancy and training of QuoteWerks software, Sep 2009
“We are delighted with our new utility we can now transfer customer and order information within seconds making our order processing much more efficient”
Following bespoke development to integrate website and QuoteWerks, Sep 2009
“[We] selected Hilltops IT because of their ability to quickly and accurately understand our requirements. The solution Hilltops IT delivered not only met our needs but it did so on time and within budget”
Following bespoke development to integrate website and QuoteWerks, Sep 2009
"Hilltops IT developed another solution that again met all our requirements and did so at a very competitive rate. We would not hesitate to use their services again or recommend them to other companies.”
Following bespoke development for QuoteWerks, Sep 2009
“I am delighted with the positive impact that the bespoke utility has had on efficiency and productivity as I now no longer need to manually check quotations and orders on a one by one basis before they are sent to customers and suppliers – I know that they have all been validated and therefore that they are all correct.”
Following bespoke development for QuoteWerks, Sep 2009
“As a fast-growing company we now have the software in place to allow us to reach our end goal. The work Hilltops IT did for us on the QuoteWerks upgrade has provided us with a faster and more stable quoting solution which means we can respond to customer enquiries more efficiently than any of our competitors”
Following QuoteWerks consultancy, Sep 2009
“Implementing ACT!, QuoteWerks and ConnectIT has helped us manage our business better and satisfy"
Following implementation and training of ACT!, QuoteWerks and ConnectIT software, Aug 2009
"We recently had one of the team from Hilltops IT at our premises for a week, and her knowledge and effort in installing and training the team was superb – without doubt top class and I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Hilltops IT. We defined a set of objectives which were delivered within the agreed timescales and these had an immediate positive impact on our business in terms of increased productivity and improved customer service."
Following consultancy and training for ACT! contact management solution, Aug 2009
"I have commissioned work with Hilltops IT over the past two years, and this has included installation and training of two different software packages. I found them not only very capable but also very nice people."
Following implementation and training of ACT!, QuoteWerks and ConnectIT software, Aug 2009
"The efficiencies gained in back office productivity as a result of implementing ACT!, QuoteWerks and ConnectIT means that [our business] has achieved a return on our investment in a matter of months and instead of recruiting more office staff; we since actually had to recruit more production staff to process the additional orders generated!"
Following implementation and training of ACT!, QuoteWerks and ConnectIT software, Aug 2009
"Hilltops IT successfully managed the implementation of the end to end solution, from start to finish, with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency. Implementing ACT!, QuoteWerks and ConnectIT has helped us manage our business better and satisfy our customers’ needs in a more focused and proactive manner."
Following implementation and training of ACT!, QuoteWerks and ConnectIT software, Aug 2009
"We recently had one of the team from Hilltops IT at our premises for a week, and her knowledge and effort in installing and training the team was superb. [Hilltops IT] are without doubt top class. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Hilltops IT."
Following ACT! implementation and training, Jun 2009
"Thanks for all your help over the past 2 weeks, [Hilltops IT] sorted out the issues we had very quickly so things are looking a lot better now and we are now starting to use the system for quotes."
Following online QuoteWerks training, template authoring and support sessions, Jan 2009
"I have worked with [Hilltops IT] for several years. [They] are standup guys who will do what is "right" rather than what is "right for the company". I would recommend [Hilltops IT] for custom development work as well as consultancy."
Following several QuoteWerks-based projects, Dec 2008
"We found [the consultant’s] online training valuable yesterday and we are looking forward to working with Hilltops IT further in the future."
Following training online on QuoteWerks reporting features, Jan 2009
"Hilltops IT has provided exceptional service and commitment to making sure our projects are delivered on time. Their flexible approach has often made the difference to us achieving our deadlines."
Following several bespoke projects, Dec 2008
"Hilltops IT has helped us become the clear market leader in our sector, & they have taken our business to an IT level way ahead of our competitors. [Hilltops IT] has a knack of putting technical solutions into 'understandable English!'. He quickly understands issues & his company always delivers great solutions. Sometimes, I think he cares as much about our business as we do."
Following several bespoke projects, Dec 2008
"Thanks a mill [Hilltops IT]! You really know your Quotewerks! Everybody is loving it on this side."
Following QuoteWerks training, Sep 2008
"ConnectIT-Sage is spot on! It is a good bit of software, just what we've been looking for & does exactly what it says on the tin!"
Following ConnectIT-Sage installation, Aug 2008
"Thanks for this afternoon, feedback has been very positive and that it has delivered what our objective was. Thanks for all your help with this project, its been a pleasure working with you."
Following presentation of data analysis and reporting project, Jun 2008
"Thank you for your training yesterday: despite the day being less structured than perhaps regular training it was perfect for us, and proved the excellence of your knowledge and skill in communicating Quotewerks."
Following QuoteWerks training, Apr 2008
"Training was perfect, we received a profound knowledge about the software. [The Hilltops IT trainer] was very well prepared, very engaged and full of patience."
Following Market Profiler & Galaxxi training, Aug 2007
"[The attendees] all came back far more confident about using the software and feel positive in their abilities to get the best out of it. This is great news considering people have been ‘allergic’ to using it fully before!"
Following Market Profiler training, Aug 2007
"Many thanks for your excellent work with [our client], we shouldn’t forget that they were very unhappy with [us] before your involvement and you’ve performed a minor miracle in turning that situation around."
Following software training, Aug 2007
"Many thanks for [the training] – I’ve heard good feedback from the staff here – so many thanks for all your efforts."
Following ACT! training, Feb 2008
"I am pleased to say that the installation, implementation and training has gone very well. A big thank you and well done."
Following QuoteWerks implementation, Aug 2008
"Enablesoft would like to take this opportunity to thank [the team] for all your really excellent work in getting the new system installed and operational. Both your installation and after sales support have really been first class."
Following QuoteWerks installation, Aug 2008
"One of the things I like about you all is the attitude. Believe me it’s refreshing."
Following a support enquiry, Apr 2008
"I thank you for all of your help; we are certainly very thrilled with the results!"
Following Advanced QuoteWerks Reporting training, Aug 2008


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