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Hilltops IT Partner Program

Hilltops IT Partner Program

What is the Partner Program?

The Hilltops IT Partner program offers you the opportunity to ensure you have a reliable and dependable IT resource working on your IT issues for a set period every month. Rather than trying to pay for our services in one lump sum, we’ll spread the project and your budget over a number of months and over time we'll gradually introduce the software solutions into your business.

Typically we'll offer the Partner Program contract for just a six month initial period; depending on the size of your project between three and ten days / month. Having seen the benefit of working in this controlled, budgeted way, we find customers coming back again and again!

How does it benefit you?

  • Budgeted payments over time
  • Carefully managed introduction of IT solutions into your business
  • Flexibility to change project focus as your business requires
  • Time to reflect on how changes we're introducing are affecting your business
  • Time to consider how your business is moving
  • Assurance that Hilltops IT is just at the end of the phone

We’re not the type of strategic partner that wants to take over your job, but we do take a responsibility in making sure that IT responds smoothly to your changing business needs. We find the Partner Program approach gives us the additional insight over time into your business and you the flexibility to reflect on where your business is moving.

Contact us for further information or to request a call from one of our consultants to discuss how Hilltops IT can help your business.

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