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QuoteWerks Add-Ons

There are many varied products and utility add-ons which have been developed listed on the site, including our own ConnectIt product suite. With modern software development practices, applications are generally written with API (application programming interface) considerations in mind. And this is most definitely the case with QuoteWerks.

The authors of QuoteWerks software (Aspire Technologies Inc) consciously provided an API for programmers to build add-on solutions to their solution. They had the foresight to recognise that as feature rich and as flexible they could make their software, it would never fulfil every businesses requirements.

Engaging a developer to work with the QuoteWerks API can be a great way to extend the ‘out the box’ functionality to fulfil your business (or industry) specific requirements for an even more rounded and complete back office business software solution.

We know that some companies may be wary of ‘bespoke development’ when implementing a software solution. Read our blog article here as to when we think that QuoteWerks developed add-ons are ok.

The other objection that we'll get is that bespoke developed software solutions can be expensive. At Hilltops IT, and following years of developing QuoteWerks bespoke add-ons and products, we have a huge library of code modules to draw from. Plus using the application framework developed as part of the ConnectIt-Workflow solution, we have a sound platform on which to cost-effectively develop new products and utility solutions.

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