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QuoteWerks Installation and Setup

Whether deploying to a stand-alone computer or in a multi-sited company with remote workers and multiple integrated systems, we can offer advice and assistance to achieve the optimum set up and performance from QuoteWerks sales quoation software solution within your IT infrastructure.

Installing the software for the First Time

As part of a new installation, we will work with your IT support and/or in-house product champion to ensure that they understand where the critical information is stored and what best practices need to be put in place to ensure that back-ups are run on a regular basis, etc.

Once installed, we also offer consultancy services and a variety of training courses to get your new sales quotation software solution up-and-running quickly in your business and all users trained on the appropriate areas to fulfill their role in your business.

Updating an existing installation

As a service, we also offer to update your installation as new versions of the software are released. You can then be assured that best practices are followed to perform the update and that in the unlikely event of a problem with upgrading your QuoteWerks installation that you have the trained experts at hand to resolve them.

We offer the installation upgrade as a fixed price fee at a very good price, plus support contract holders receive a 20% discount! (Please contact us for more information.)

NEW! QuoteWerks RapidDeploy service

Our RapidDeploy service is tailored to businesses that prefer to spend time setting up the configuration side of the software themselves, but want to be confident that the base system is installed correctly from a technical perspective and ensure that they are moving in the right direction with their setup.

If you'd like to balance the surety of engaging a trained QuoteWerks expert when implementing a new software system against your our in-house team’s technical skills / business process knowledge, and your desire to get the software up-and-running quickly but maximising the benefits of engaging an experienced consultant, then RapidDeploy is for you!

Our RapidDeploy service will help you get your QuoteWerks sales quotation solution up-and-running in your business quicker by engaging the services of our award-winning team. As part of the RapidDeploy service, we will:

  • Assist installing the software to your master client server and/or remote user environment(s).
  • Provide best practice advice on maintenance and backup requirements.
  • Integrate your contact manager (where appropriate).
  • Provide assistance with importing your products and pricing.
  • Understand your top-line business requirements and provide recommendations on what areas of the the software’s many functions you should be looking at in order to get the most from the solution.
  • Demonstrate how to modify the default Document Layouts for you to modify to your business corporate image.
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