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Quotewerks QuoteValet

QuoteWerks QuoteValet integration allows you, the QuoteWerks user, to publish your completed sales quotation online. You then have the ability to send your prospect / client the QuoteValet link which displays your quotation (or proposal) through their web browser or handheld device. Your prospect / client can review the details and select their preferred options of the goods and/or services they require before digitally signing to accept your quotation online.

QuoteWerks QuoteValet

QuoteValet automatically sends an email notifying you, the QuoteWerks user, that your quotation has been viewed and/or accepted. QuoteValet also updates the sales quotation in QuoteWerks with summary information of where your quotation is in the overall sales process. Knowing when the quotation is viewed, how many times it is viewed, and by whom may provide valuable insights into your prospect / client’s buying process.

In summary: not only can QuoteValet integration improve the quality of your quotation / proposal delivery, but it is also a huge cost-saver in reducing your sales team’s time converting quotes into orders.

Deliver, Collaborate and Close


QuoteValet helps you Deliver
  • Lets you know when your quotations are actually received and viewed
  • Avoids spam filters stripping out your proposal’s PDF attachments
  • Avoids email servers rejecting large PDF proposal attachments
  • Extends your company brand with a customised quotation delivery webpage


QuoteValet helps you Collaborate
  • Customers can view your quotation(s), select options, and ask questions through the web interface
  • Allows you to interactively refine the elements in your quotation with your prospect through QuoteValet’s features
  • Peer Reviews: optionally, your colleagues can review your proposal and offer feedback before it’s sent to your prospect
  • Quote Approval: optionally, managers can approve quotations before they are submitted to your prospect


QuoteValet helps you Close
  • Customers can view and accept your quotation(s) from their PC, laptop or mobile device
  • Allows you to get customer signatures electronically - no more printing, signing and faxing
  • Automatically sends you an email notification when your customer accepts your quotation
  • Allows you to get SMS message alerts when high value quotations are accepted


QuoteValet Pricing

Please refer to the QuoteWerks Pricing page for details of QuoteValet pricing.


QuoteValet Implementation and Customisation Services

The QuoteWerks QuoteValet solution works perfectly well straight ‘out of the box’, and as such can be of great benefit to your business’ sales process. But to really get the full benefit, you might wish to reconsider some of the finer details around how you’re currently creating sales quotations. Plus, to really enforce your company branding and corporate image, you’ll also want to consider customising the QuoteValet website’s landing pages.

To ensure that you get QuoteWerks QuoteValet implemented quickly and efficiently into your business, take a look at our range of QuoteValet Implementation Services. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

QuoteValet Lite

As well as supplying the QuoteValet licenses, our QuoteValet Lite service provides you with a short online training session to take you through how QuoteValet is set up, the configuration options available and how you might want to ‘tweak’ your sales quotation production.

QuoteValet Deluxe

Customisation of the QuoteValet website’s landing page requires HTML and CSS coding skills. (Let’s be honest - this type of thing isn’t for everyone!!!) If you've got an in-house website developer or development team who you already work with, then they could soon pick up how the website Layouts can be modified or... why not come to us? We can make very quick work of it to get QuoteValet to reflect your brand and link it to your own website instead of QuoteValet’s.

Our Deluxe service includes the Lite training plus customisation of the website’s landing pages to reflect your own corporate image. This includes changing the logo, the QuoteValet banner, colours and terminology to reflect your company’s branding.

QuoteValet Super-Deluxe

Would you like a website landing page that really stands out over and above your competitors’? If so, then you need our Super-Deluxe service!

With our design and advanced HTML/CSS coding skills made available to you in our Super-Deluxe service, the possibilities for QuoteValet customisation are (almost?) endless. We’ll engage one of our website designers to create you a unique QuoteValet landing page that compliments your existing website. One of our HTML/CSS gurus will then take that design to make it a reality for you.


For more information on these and all our QuoteWerks services, please contact us.

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