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Sage 200 Services

Sage 200 from Hilltops IT Services for end users

Hilltops IT's focus on direct provision of services for Sage 200 CRM, Sage 200 Financials and Sage 200 Commercials is predominantly based around the development area. The ConnectIt Product Suite, and in particular the ConnectIt-Sage200 QuoteWerks to Sage 200 link software solutions.

From the in-house knowledge we have of contact management, quoting, sales order, purchase order, stock control, manufacturing management and accounting packages and processes, Hilltops IT are well placed to advise whether Sage 200 is the right solution for your business. Plus, with the relationships which we have built with various Sage service providers in the UK via the ConnectIt and QuoteWerks reseller partner networks, we can also recommend an appropriate Sage 200 service provider in your area.

Sage 200 from Hilltops IT Services for resellers

Are you a Sage 200 consultant or partner reseller? Would you like to know more about the ConnectIt product suite, our Sage 200-related development services? Good commissions and free ConnectIt software licenses are available; see the ConnectIt reseller partner pages on the ConnectIt website for more information.

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