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Swiftpage ACT! Features and Benefits

With more than 2.5 million individual users and 35,000 corporate customers, Swiftpage ACT! is the number one selling contact and customer management solution worldwide. The Swiftpage ACT! Product Family offers a range of solutions geared to individuals, small businesses, and corporate workgroups or teams to assist in increasing individual productivity, improving sales performance, and providing key insight into all customer interactions.

Swiftpage ACT! offers flexible deployment options including Windows, web-based, and mobile access solutions to provide timely access to critical contact and customer information. Swiftpage ACT! is renowned for exceptional end-user adoption, low overall total cost of ownership (TCO), and high return on investment (ROI) for both individuals and organizations.

Reasons to consider Swiftpage ACT!

Designed specifically to help establish, manage and build business relationships, Swiftpage ACT! allows you to find new prospects effectively and convert more of these into customers.

Crucially, it also helps you to retain these customers, and therefore generate better margins for your business.

  • Target New Prospects: Analyse historical sales trends, understand the profile of your best customers and plan effective marketing and sales campaigns
  • Generate Leads: Use existing information or import bought-in data for use in all your communications
  • Convert Leads to Sales: Track communications with your prospects, ensuring maximum service levels are maintained through the sales cycle
  • Track Sales Opportunities: Accurately forecast where your sales are coming from, when they are coming and for how much, enabling you to plan more effectively
  • Link to Sage Accounting Software: Links with Sage Instant Accounts, Sage 50 Accounts, and Sage 200
  • Easy Customisation: Amend screens and fields to replicate your business processes
  • Work Remotely: Take your contacts with you when you are out of the office


Top features of Swiftpage ACT!

Forecast, track and act on sales opportunities

By capturing important customer information you can forecast sales and orders and increase sales opportunities.

  • Generate leads
  • Target new prospects
  • Convert leads into customers
  • Track sales opportunities
  • Measure your business performance


Manage and share information

With your contact information centralised, customer details can be easily accessed and shared across your business.

  • View detailed customer insight and reports
  • Access notes, sales history and outstanding to-do items so you know where you when dealing with customers
  • Share customer details, notes and sales history across the business to deliver a coordinated and consistent customer service


Free up your time

The screen layout ensures your contact information, appointments and to-do-lists are never far from your fingertips.

  • Instant access to your contacts and diary appointments
  • Comprehensive summary views of your top priorities and sales opportunities
  • Schedule calls and meetings and prioritise your to-do lists


Integrate your sales and marketing activity

Send the right message to the right customer at the right time.

  • Create, send and measure targeted communications to and from your customers
  • Access one of 40 ready-made templates when writing emails, letters and memos to customers or create your own version


Integrate into your business

Save time by integrating Swiftpage ACT! with your business software.

  • Integrate with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Gmail and Sage 50 Accounts
  • Capture and integrate data from LinkedIn®, Facebook, Google Maps™


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